Citizen of the Year - SKN Inspire Award

Congratulations to our award recipients:

Robert Dewitt - Citizen of the Year

Amy Rolleri - Citizen of the Year

Ayham Boucher - SKN Inspire

Jay Stith - SKN Inspire

The event will be hosted on October 11, 2023 at The Lodge (4355 State St., Skaneateles Falls, 13153) from 6-9 pm. The event will feature a happy hour, buffet dinner, and presentation of awards to our recipients. Come to celebrate these community members! Reserve your space for this wonderful event ($50 per person) by calling the Skaneateles Chamber at 315-685-0552. 

Citizen of the Year Past Recipients: Brigadier General James C. Marshall (1977), Bill Pavlus (1985), Jim Buff (1986), Bob Audette (1987), Carl Fisher (1988), SAVES (1989), Mr. & Mrs. William G. Allyn (1990), Peter Wiles Sr. (1991), Jaycees Wilson, Gregory, Sheppard, Krause, Messenger, O’Neill, & Tardiff (1992), Peggy Anderson (1993), Peg Porter (1994), Peg Brown (1995), John Driscoll & Bob Feldmann (2001), David and Louise Robinson (2003), Jean Graham & Loretta Marx (2005), Kathy Palmieri (2007), Bunt Osborne & Dr. George Newton (2009), Ted Astemborski, Dan Labeille & Dave Sheppard (2011), Dr. Robert Werner (2013), Holland C Gregg III (2015), Charles Major & David Graham (2017), David Birchenough, David Lee, and Paul Torrisi (2019)., Jorge and Beth Batlle and Meg O’Connell (2021) 

SKN Inspire Past Recipients: Catherine Lee Armijo (2019), Emily Cummo and Tara Lynn (2021)